I Watch- First They Take it to Court, Then They Take to the Streets!

TUNIS- April 20th, 2017, I-Watch held a march from the court of Beb Bnet to Al-Qasbah Square to denounce corruption, more precisely in the cases of Nessma and the companies of Karoui & Karoui.

Photo Courtesy of TunisiaLog

On the same day, I-Watch pressed charges against Nabil Karoui, Rim Saidi, Mohamed Nabil Mtiraoui, Oussema Khalifi, Jamel Arfaoui and Walid Ahmed Ferchich for having a hand in attempting to defame members of the organization.

The attendance of I-Watch supporters and the anti-corruption community in the march was a bit modest compared to the amount of support the organization is now getting on social media. Around 1000 individuals signed the petition condemning the defamation attempts and threats made against the organization’s members in only about 48 hours. The reason behind this modest attendance is most likely due to holding the event during the week instead of the weekend when supporters have no offices to go to for work or classes to attend.

Besides resorting to justice, I-Watch has been trying to raise awareness among all Tunisians about the dangers of corruption, and has been trying to gain the trust of those who have been doubting their integrity. They have been accused of working as spies and secret agents for foreign intelligence agencies. But these remain nothing but intox and unbacked gibberish.

Nabil Karoui and his accomplices were creatively ridiculed by these young activists using dark humor and sarcasm. However, some social media users perceived their post-leaks reactions as “childish and unprofessional” for a sophisticated organization that is usually satisfied with taking ‘The Corrupt’ to court.

Still, others believe that what this dynamic team has been doing so far deserves our respect and appreciation. Their previous actions have proved that they are a hard-working group of young people who have been struggling to prove themselves in a country that still does not fully believe in the great capacities of the youth despite their lack of experience.

[Link to a previous article about I-Watch by TunisiaLog]

Article written by Nada Mrabet


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