Gender-related Mindset

I saw a poster once about it being okay to say “hi guys” to girls and not “hi girls” to guys. And it meant to show how it’s a good thing to compare women to men.. as if being ‘qualified’ as a man is something women aspire to achieve in order to reach equality.. as if being an equal to men can happen only through men and by being treated/thought about like men.

And then to think how offended most men feel for being called a woman (or to put it in our context, for seeing some men wearing red lipstick in support of other women), you will understand how in the back of their heads and in their naked mindsets they do not truly think of other women as an equal or as any other human being but rather as inferior beings who have blood coming out of the place where they keep not only their family’s ‘honor’ but that of the whole society.f9580b93fefbd6ae81115e0fa02a33b2


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