“Invisible Kid” by Atef Attia (post-reading impression)

invisible kid.jpg

Dear Atef,

Since I dare not to leave you a review on your book, I would like to present you my post-reading impression.

I was looking forward to see what you had to offer us (your readers). And quite frankly, I feel disappointed. Yes, I do! I feel disappointed of myself because what I found exceeded my expectations. This is the first time- since I have read “Halima” and “Robinson Crusoe” when I was a child- that I read a book this fast even though I had lots of studying to do. I could not accept the idea of leaving it on my nightstand and reading one chapter at a time as I usually do with the rest of the books that I have read so far in my life. I have broken a new record with your book.

It took me one day to revive the passion for the French language which I have had when I used to be an “invisible kid” myself. This is thanks to your writing style which I find different and unique.

It took me one day to relive through your book all the bullying incidents I lived from primary school till high school.

It took me one day to know how it feels like to have a favorite writer who is actually alive! And, boy! Does it feel goooood!

It took me one LINE to remember my one true passion which is about time to start fulfilling it. Chapter 2, pp.21. Helena said “Moi, plus tard, je serai vétérinaire.”

Needless to say what my one true passion is..

Atef, you’re such an inspiration.

Thank you for taking the time to write us this book.

I simply pity those who won’t buy it and read it passionately.

Sincerely yours,



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