“Tunisia must enact a law that protects Atheists and Humanists”: Arselan Debate Club (YAV)

KAIROUAN, Tunisia- On March 24th, 2015, a debate session was held under the program of Young Arab Voices (YAV) with a group of young debaters and members of the Arselan association at the office of the Association Kairouanaise de Développement Intégré (AKDI), Kairouan.

The motion was entitled “Tunisia must protect the rights of atheists and religious people.”

The house of the government stated that “Today we live in a democratic state that protects all people of all political and religious orientations. The word ‘democracy’ is of Greek origin, Demos Cratos, which stands for power to the people and by ‘people’ we mean every citizen living under the sovereignty of a state, regardless of the citizen’s own convictions. Every free person has the right to follow the belief that suits them … Despite the fact that atheists and humanists category can be considered a minority, they are still is active members of society. Some of them are professors, lawyers, judges and security agents. They contribute to the development of our society. They must not be excluded or threatened. They have the right to be protected just like the rest of us.”

The house of the opposition disagreed by stating that their rights are already guaranteed, and that there is no need to assign a whole Article just for them.

The house of the government was the winning team not only because they provided more arguments and proofs, but also because they made a better performance.

The debate was held in the Arabic language.

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On the same day, another debate was held with the same group of debaters. The motion was entitled “art is a waste of time”.

List of previously held debates under the same program:

Debate session number 1: “Some believe that the application of Sharia’ restricts women rights”

Debate session number 2: “This house regrets the Tunisian revolution”

Debate session number 3: “This house believes that sexual harassment is a culture not an instinct”

Debate session number 4: “Art is a waste of time”


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