“Art is a waste of time”: Arselan Debate Club (YAV)

KAIROUAN, Tunisia- On March 24th, 2015, a debate session was held under the program of Young Arab Voices (YAV) with a group of young debaters and members of the Arselan association at the office of the Association Kairouanaise de Développement Intégré (AKDI), Kairouan.

The motion was entitled “Art is a waste of time.”

The debate was held in the Arabic language.

The house of the opposition was the winning team.

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Before starting the debate, we played a game called “I couldn’t disagree more” that aims at helping debaters practice the rebuttal techniques.

List of previously held debates under the same program:

Debate session number 1: “Some believe that the application of Sharia’ restricts women rights”

Debate session number 2: “This house regrets the Tunisian revolution”

Debate session number 3: “This house believes that sexual harassment is a culture not an instinct”


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