Kairouan: “Active Students” of FLSHK learning about the Basics of “Public Speaking”

KAIROUAN, Tunisia- As part of a Social Action Project activity, a session under the theme of “Public Speaking” was dedicated to a group of students studying at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Kairouan, on Thursday 12th.

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During the session, we did three activities. The first activity was about learning how to represent oneself during a meeting or any sort of event: the posture, the voice, the facial expressions and the things to tell about oneself. It is highly important to mention a thing or two that almost no one knows about you or something intimate about yourself. For example, you can say “I’m married and I have two kids” or “I miss my dad” or “I want to change the world”. During the second activity, we learned how to be ready for other people’s sudden interventions when we are about to make a point or express an idea. Usually, this kind of interventions might distract us. But what we did is train ourselves to actually use that intervention in our favor by making an argument out of it.

The third and last activity was about being grateful to each other, to say thank you each time someone does something that requires our appreciation. This session’s trainer, Abderrahim Hindaoui, volunteered to introduce these students to the key concepts of “public speaking”. This training session was held following a first preparatory session about the key concepts that can make you an active citizen and a second session about conflict management.


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