Kairouan: Female Students of FLSHK learning about “Conflict Management”

As part of a Social Action Project activity, a session under the theme of “conflict management” was dedicated to a group of female students studying at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Kairouan, Tunisia, on Thursday 5th.

During the session, we discussed the different types of challenges that we might face during the project, and how to be ready to face them bravely and effectively.

A trainer with experience regarding “conflict management”, Jihed Andolsi, volunteered to introduce them to the key concepts of conflict and conflict management.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This training session was held following a first preparatory session about “Active citizenship”, where they engaged and communicated with each other, searched for a common ground to work on, shared ideas, discussed different issues that require change and learned about the notions and characteristics that define an active citizen.


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