Happens in Tunisia: Children’s Books Encouraging Children to suicide

Social media users have recently been sharing pages of children’s books which happen to be not appropriate for children.

Dear parents, your children think that the easiest way to end misery is by ending their own lives. Your children might kill themselves if you cannot afford buying them an iPhone.

Your children think that God is a merciless and evil witch who will turn them into some sort of an animal the moment they lie.

Dear mothers, your daughters think that their fathers will marry them once you are out of the picture.

This is a sample of what our children read.

The first shot is taken from a book that is talking about a king who could not find a good enough queen, so he decided to marry his own daughter who resembles the late queen in her beauty and attitude.


The second shot is taken from a book that tells the story about the origin of animals. A man once borrowed a comb but denied it later when its owner claimed it. Consequently, God (Allah) turned him into a hedgehog.

And that’s the origin of hedgehogs, ladies and gentlemen!

childrenstory2 As for this shot, it is taken from a story entitled “The Clumsy Decision” where a group of sad bunnies gathered one day and decided to plan for a mass suicide to escape from their miserable lives.

Killing yourself is just a clumsy decision. Imagine yourself one day attending the funeral of a child who took his own life and you approach the father to ask him how did it happen and he would simply reply with a poker face:

“Yeah, my son just took a clumsy decision, that’s all.”

Talking about normalizing suicide!


Suicide attempts among children have spread Tunisia ever since a 10 year-old girl took her own life in Kairouan.

The girl hung herself in an almond tree after being bullied around at her school and after living a rather poor life.

Psychologists say that the spread of the suicide attempts among children is the cause of the mishandling of the news by the media. Media outlets have turned the incident into a trend.

These books have only added insult to injury!


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