Active Citizenship done right: A Homeless Child Cries out for Help.. Superwoman Comes to the Rescue!

Saber is a 16 year-old homeless child who lives on the streets of Tunis, Tunisia.

When other boys of his age are worried about not having an iPhone for their coming birthdays or crying their eyes out for breaking up with their teenage girlfriends, Saber has other damaging worries to deal with.

He has got scabies. He needs to have a bath and change his clothes every three days. He needs to burn those used clothes and wear new ones. He’s got no money to treat himself. He’s got no money to buy new clothes and sheets and blankets.

He’s got no money to buy food. He’s got no parents. He’s got no one to worry about him or even miss him if one day he goes missing.

Till one day a superwoman named Baya came to his rescue, grabbed him by his hand and told him “I care!”

A call for Help  

Baya shares her updates concerning Saber on a daily basis. She invites her virtual Facebook friends as well as her close friends to share his story and to go to Hbib Bourguiba Street (Tunis) and help him with a blanket or used clothes.

Baya the Superwoman  

One active citizen managed to do what many charities have failed to do.

One woman managed to gather people and encourage them to help others.

Be like Baya! Be someone’s hero!

For those who wish to help Saber, all you need to do is contact Baya via her Facebook account or call her on 24.754.194


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