Labor Day : A Celebration Converted into a Manifestation.

Tunis-   On May 1, Tunisia celebrates Labor Day. Components of the Tunisian society from all walks of life joined the avenue of Habib Bourguiba to celebrate the occasion : workers, syndicates, and political parties.

The political parties were understood to have ulterior motives lurking behind these well prepared appearances on a day that was supposed to be politics- free.

Accordind to Jawhara FM, Samir Ben Jemaa, a founding member of the Front of Reform of the Tunisian General Labor Union (known as UGTT), made a statement saying that the union is exploiting the workers for political purposes. He then added that the sole aim of the Front was to peacefully  « clean » the UGTT and give the opportunity for those who care about nothing but the common good of the Tunisian people.

The speech of Ms. Sihem Badi, the minister of Women Affairs, caused a stir in the rows of the participants.  According to Business News, a Tunisian online newspaper, Ms. Badi said that the Congress of the Republic is a party that believes in God unlike the rest of the parties like Nedaa Toones. She also stated that the latter  « fears neither God nor man ».

At the end of the day, the manifestation turned the avenue of Habib Bourguiba into a showroom demonstrating the different Tunisian parties that want to dominate the political arena: another national holiday ruined by politics.


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